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Manicure | Pedicure: Hand and toenails are important parts of the body. Manicure plus pedicure by well-trained experts hydrate healthy nails, hands, nails, and cuticles, exfoliates the skin, and relieve pain caused by carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other extremities.

Luxury manicure, pedicures, Bliss Spa and Saloon full-service terminus to immerse your hands and feet in an unbelievable experience using only the cleanest, most sophisticated, and most innovative techniques in acrylics and fillers. Highly qualified technicians will indulge you in a unique and clean environment, with state-of-the-art facilities. The devices at the Bliss Spa and Saloon are ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind. With the support of medical professionals, attic pedicures and manicures have been a favourite of repeat clients, including movie stars, models, and so on.

Bliss Spa and Saloon specially import specialty products such as Spa Organic (from London), popular Indian products such as Eminence, White Elephant, and Iraya.


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